Ann Rynbeck – Spiritual Medium

As a clairvoyant medium I can bring you messages that will give you clarity and helpful direction in your daily life. Whilst I am also a psychic the emphasis on my work is as a spiritual medium – making connections with and delivering messages from those who have passed over. I act as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical world. It is such a comfort to know they are still with us. As my testimonials demonstrate my readings can help empower you to make healthy decisions and choices for your life, as well as provide answers and offer reassurance.

One-Day Workshops and Weekly Circle Groups

I have felt spirit around me since I was young. After making the decision to develop the contact with Spirit further I have trained both locally and internationally, including at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, Stansted Hall, England, and with respected international mediums.  I have the ability to see, sense and hear those in spirit.

In addition to working as a medium giving private and skype readings both locally and internationally, public demonstrations and working at spiritual events, I also run training circles and workshops. If you are interested in discovering your own psychic ability, wish to develop your potential at a deeper spiritual level, gain a greater understanding of spiritual matters, or are interested in learning to communicate with those in spirit as a medium please contact me for upcoming one-day workshops and/or weekly training classes.

Working with Spirit

Working with those in spirit is a privilege. As a medium there is no greater joy than giving someone who has passed into spirit a voice. It takes a lot of effort for those in Spirit to come through, and they do so out of love, a desire to help and to assist those who are still here. Imagine the joy when they are able to communicate with you. Messages bring communication that is helpful, enlightening, guiding, and comforting.

As a recipient the more open you are to the process the better. Thinking about the reading prior to the sitting, putting your questions out to those in Spirit, or asking them to see if they can come through before you arrive all help create strong links. Communication with Spirit is a 3-way party. Their desire is to communicate and to help. Be open to the process, without preconceived ideas or judgements, and you will enjoy the reading so much more, gain more from it.

Finding the connection

It never fails to amaze me how those in Spirit can find the connection to me prior to my having even met you. Frequently I will wake up in the morning, be out walking or going about my daily life when I will feel the presence of someone who knows I will have their loved one sitting in front of me that day. They know in advance you are coming to see me for a reading, and they have already established contact.

I never question their ability and their desire to communicate, the love they have for each of us, and their wish for us to make our lives all that it can be. To live fully with the knowledge and understanding that there is more to life than just existing, making the next mortgage payment, going to work, or meeting our obligations. Life is an exciting journey, one to be treasured and explored fully, enjoyed to the maximum and expanded wherever possible. There is so much more to us than we can possibly imagine.


“Hello my name is Bob and I have to tell you just how good Ann Rynbeck Mediumship is. I have recently returned from the UK where I was training to become a medium / healer. I have seen many mediums working in the UK. While there I was a member of Blackpool spiritualist church, Cleveleys Spiritualist Church, and Fleetwood Spiritualist Church. I attended many workshops on Medium ship, and healing, I saw many mediums working. Without a doubt Ann Rynbeck is one of the best mediums I have seen working. Her evidence is astounding, she is totally professional, and her attitude is loving and extremely spiritual. Ann is a breath of fresh air. She is committed to giving her absolute best when working with spirit, and the public.”
Bob Smith (Kiwi Bob)
“There is only one word that accurately describes the incredible and amazing talent that is Ann Rynbeck – “WOW!” I have been the lucky recipient of readings from Ann. In tandem with her stellar mediumship, she has helped me navigate monumental life changes over the last few years. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for her and her spiritual gifts. If there was ever a medium for you to see then Ann it must be! I am happy to validate this by offering mountains of evidence of Ann’s amazing abilities. Her mediumship is pure class and her accuracy of Spirit and their messages is unparalleled. I am eternally grateful Ann, thank you!!!”
Gabriel Marks