Whether you are wishing to hear from a loved one or after clarity and guidance in your life, messages from spirit are both helpful and beneficial. Their love for us is ever present, and their desire to help us be all that we can be has no limits. Through the wisdom of their knowledge we can lift and extend ourselves, dissolve issues that arise, release worries that hold us back, and live our lives as intended. Their reassurance and their guidance expands our lives and confirms for us that by integrating their knowledge into our daily life we can see with a clarity we could not have imagined.

Private readings

Private readings are one-on-one sittings in person or via Skype. These are comprehensive, in depth readings. Skype and private sittings at my home are $NZ100. I am available weekdays and on Saturdays.

Feedback received from clients…

“Well Ann I don’t know what to say… it was absolutely amazing! 100% is an understatement, there is so much in that reading I wouldn’t know where to begin at the moment to tell you how good it was.  Every single detail. Don’t ever change what you are doing you are unique in everyway… as a medium I could feel the spirit coming through you , I dont think I will ever get a reading like that again ”

“Many many thanks Ann you are a very special gifted person. I feel very blessed coming to see you.”

“I’m quite floored at this reading, it’s terrific and it confirms for me so much. Brilliant!”

“I will send you feedback tomorrow night – you will see how amazingly accurate you are in this reading. I’m gobsmacked :)))”

“Thanks again for today it was awesome!”

“And again thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate you doing this. You have a real gift. I wanted to say Ann, that your message to me was absolutely spot on.It’s the very best message I’ve had from her.”

“Your message was full of evidence which I could take, it was so specific, really I was blown away.”

“Thank you for my reading today. I felt your deep compassion and wisdom come through to me, so thank you for what you do, your kind words of encouragement! I feel more at peace tonight and that is a blessing!”

“Thank you for the awesome reading last night. You were so accurate. It validates so much for me.”

“I have so many questions for you and was totally blown away with the whole experience and it has left me wanting to know more!”

“I have to say I have never had any readings before and you have blown me away with how spot on you are with things.” Joanne – Australia June 2013

“Thank u Ann for truly amazing reading today!!  U are wonderful person with such an awesome talent that u share with people!! U gave me so much clarity today!! Bless u!!”