‘Connecting with Spirit’ One-Day Workshop

I am holding a one-day workshop for those interested in learning more about connecting with Spirit. This is an excellent introduction if you wish to gain a deeper understanding about working or connecting with Spirit, and to empower your daily life, your own spiritual journey. Learning more about why we are here, understanding the mechanics of connecting with the Spirit world, and advancing your own spiritual growth provides many benefits. This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as those with knowledge.

The workshops are fun, practical and informative – you will learn how to communicate directly with Spirit and bring through messages in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment.

Discover your own psychic ability

If you are interested in discovering your own psychic ability, wish to develop your potential at a deeper spiritual level, increase your spiritual knowledge for your own soul development, or are interested in learning how to communicate with those in spirit this workshop will be for you.

“There is so much more to spiritual development, including philosophy, healing and soul growth, along with awakening and nurturing the spirit within and appreciating we are all part of the same divine family, bonded by the spirit within.”- Tony Stockwell

The workshop includes…

  • Recognising when those in Spirit are with us
  • How to connect with those in Spirit
  • Discerning the difference between psychic and mediumship
  • How to receive as well as give messages – getting more value from readings/messages
  • How do I know if it is Spirit or me – tips when working with Spirit
  • 6th sense intuition – learning to listen to your own inner voice
  • Soul shifts – understanding your own life journey with self empowerment tools and knowledge. Positive steps you can take to assist you throughout your life

Date:  Saturday 17th August 2019
Time: 10am – 3.30pm
Where: Belmont, North Shore, Auckland
Cost: $120

‘Working with Spirit’ One-Day Workshop

Furthering on from the Connecting with Spirit workshop, this Working with Spirit workshop is for those who wish to build on their knowledge to gain more understanding about the spirit world, and strengthen their own connection in the process. You may be sitting in a development circle, or interested in sitting in one to strengthen your connection to the spirit world. It gives a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind connecting with Spirit.

This will be an interactive workshop and will include group exercises that are fun as well as informative. You will have the opportunity to connect with Spirit by bringing through messages if you wish. You will have an opportunity to both give and receive messages.

This workshop includes….

  • The mechanics of connecting to Spirit, and nurturing that connection
  • Working with Spirit – practical tips to advance your development
  • Understanding and deepening your connection to the power of Spirit
  • Connecting with Spirit outside circle/workshops – when on your own
  • Grounding techniques, opening and closing
  • What is Spiritualism

Next Available Date: TBC
Time: 10am – 3.30pm
Where: Belmont
Cost: $120

Level 3 Strengthening the Connection Workshop

For those who have attended the Level 1 Connecting with Spirit and Level 2 Working with Spirit workshops and who wish to understand more. Please contact me for further details. Cost $120.

For further information or dates for future workshops please contact me on Ph 021 0267 5150, contact me here, or through my Ann Rynbeck Spiritual Medium Facebook page.

I am happy to hold these workshops in other centres and outside Auckland if the interest is there.

Feedback from Workshops :

Thank you for today, it was excellent and I really enjoyed the whole day.

Thanks for the great day.Your energy and enthusiasm were an inspiration, and your presentation enthralling. To be honest,(from my personal perspective) at the beginning of the day I wondered how you were possibly going to fill the entire 5+ hours and captivate my interest, as not overtly easy to please. Well, at 3:30 pm I still wanted more!

I wanted to thank you very much for yesterday, it was great! Thank you for an amazing day, it was such good fun and I definitely learned a lot.

Thanks for a great workshop and an excellent experience!  I am definitely interested in the follow up workshop!

Thanks for today, it was just cool.

Thank you for a inspirational day, and all your sharing. Much appreciated

Hi Ann and thank you for such a wonderful day. Please send me the 7 Spiritual laws, and when you do organize it, add an invite to the next workshop. Thank you.

Hi Ann thanks for a lovely day. Looking forward to a second session and hopefully been part of one of your circles very soon. Have a lovely week

Loved your work shop. You are a very good communicator with lots of knowledge to give, Love your happy fun energy, You are a lovely, beautiful soul with lots of depth.  You will do very well in the direction you are taking this. Your first lesson on clairvoyance must of got me started, My reading for you, God Bless

I’d love to attend a level 2 workshop.  Your workshop gave me a lot of food for thought.  I was really impressed with the way you structured the learning gently reinforcing the important points in different ways and it was the first time I’ve ever had a family contact from the other side (as they say :)) I’ve only ever had people say I have random people around me etc etc but not anyone I know has a direct link with me and it was fascinating, thought provoking and moving.  I was really impressed with your integrity, your openness and honesty and your genuine desire for the higher good of all involved.

Thanks for yesterday’s workshop. It was great. I want to join the next step